Terms & Conditions

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  1. Qualifications:-

1.1 By Signing a contract with RPS Building and Interiors ltd you agree to all the terms and conditions

1.2 Price excludes 20% VAT unless otherwise stated.

1.3 Pre-start meeting and site investigation may be required before commencement on site

1.4 Change of specification by the customer may be subject to further cost

1.5 Provisional sums(Prov)

1.6 Specification (Spec)

1.7 Changes to the plans supplied or design which deviate from the information used for the quote may be subject to further incurred cost

1.8 The plans supplied will be the specification used for quoting and regardless of Architect disclaimers on the plans this does not constitute variations becoming null and void if there is any change or variation which deviates from the plans supplied for quotation, additional charges may be charged to the client.

  1. The following assumptions have been made in drawing up the quote:-

2.1 There is no asbestos in the building

2.2 The incoming service supplies serving the existing buildings are adequate to cater for any new development with-out upgrading

2.3 The existing drainage system is fully operational and can be connected too with out up grading

  1. The following exclusions have been made with in this quote:-

3.1 Any items not mentioned within this quote have been excluded from the schedule of works.

3.2 No allowance for external works e.g. Paving etc unless other-wise stated

3.3 No allowance for internal floor finishes unless other-wise stated

  1. All materials supplied by RPS Building and Interiors Ltd will remain the property of RPS Building and Interiors Ltd until the final payment has been received for the said works contracted sum.
  1. The agreed payment schedule cannot be changed by the client unless agreed by both parties with the minimum notice period of seven working days given.
  1. Additional/variation works outside of the contract are charged at fixed hourly rates.
  1. In the event a payment is not paid and received by the agreed time set out in the contract or payment schedule then 8.5% interest is applied to the instalment and RPS Building and interiors Ltd may not continue to work on your project until payment has been received.

7.1 In the event that payment is late or not received on the agreed time RPS Building and Interiors Ltd have the right to remain on another project until further notice.

  1. Emails exchanged between the client (the client, who has signed this contract) and RPS Building and interiors Ltd before the contract has been signed form no part of the said works contract and are not inclusive in making any or form part of this contract.
  1. Additional administration may be charged at a fixed hourly rate.

9.1 Additional Administration is any administrational works that is required in addition to what is not set out or included in the original schedule of works or plans supplied.

  1. Any variation or addition which is specifically outside of the quoted schedule of works is to be logged onto the RPS project calendar by the client to be considered for costing.
  1. If agreed that the client is to move out the client must remain moved out for the duration of the build. If the client insists on moving back in prematurely then there will be an additional 20% surcharge added to each of the remaining instalments outstanding.
  1. Invoices that are sent for additional works are due upon receipt. Late payments will have interest applied of 8.5%

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